Huntington Beach RACES depends on donations and member contributions to grow and expand our communications offerings and to support monthly repeater site expenses.

We are currently looking for help in funding the following projects & expenses:
• Site rental for current 2m repeater at Pleasants Peak ($150 monthly fee)
• Purchase Yaesu DR-2X repeater & antenna for 440 at Pleasants Peak ($2500)
• Expand 440 repeater coverage up to Pleasants Peak ($150 monthly fee)
• Deploy AREDN mesh networking on City Hall & Tower 0 ($3000)
• Acquire mobile battery backup units for AREDN deployments (cost TBD)

Huntington Beach RACES accepts tax deductible donations via the Huntington Beach Fire Outreach Foundation. Any funds donated to HBFOF on behalf of HB RACES are held for the exclusive use of HB RACES.

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PO Box 1903
Huntington Beach, CA 92647
Federal tax ID: 84-1973560
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