Fire Dispatch Communications Training March 30, 2009

HB RACES will be workshopping procedures for our Fire Dispatch Communications capability on Monday, March 30, 2009 at 7pm in the EOC. We’ll have the Police Dispatch Shift Supervisor helping us learn the normal flow of dispatch information. We’ll also be focused on how we pass traffic, setup a station on city fire apparatus, dispatch terminology and much more.┬áThis training and related field exercise focus on how to quickly replace lost communications links to all fire apparatus in the city. In the event that Huntington Beach’s primary fire communication is unavailable HB RACES is prepared to activate a communications network that provides a backup means of dispatching resources within the city. HB RACES has practiced this communications network in the past and is anxious to once again show the Huntington Beach Fire Department that they can rely on HB RACES for professional communications within the city in times of need. The strong RACES and CERT programs within Huntington Beach are just one more example of how our city is committed to all our residents and visitor’s safety and security.

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KE6OCE March 31st, 2009

I have been with HB-RACES for fifteen years. I must say that the meeting for the Fire Dept. Dispatching Drill is one of the best meetings I have been to all these years.
Between Peter Barbour training, our tour of the dispatch room (911 P.D.) and (best of all) the Police Dispatch Supervisor’s (no name) training and insight of the workings of the radio room was realy great. How calls come in and are handled, dispatching on 800mhz, how the team of dispatchers work together.
I realy ejoyed it. Good Job

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