This page has information for current Huntington Beach RACES members.


A roster of HB RACES people is available here. Our roster also contains HB CERT hams to assist in our partnership activities. It is recommended that you use this roster directly as your primary address book for RACES communications.

The roster page include custom reports to create current net control assignment schedules, weekly net logs, and activation call-out logs. The different types of reports are shown at the top of the roster page.

Duplication of roster data into personal address books is discouraged in order to protect the privacy of the contact data. Printing a reference copy periodically for a grab-n-go bag is suggested only if you make reasonable efforts to keep the information confidential.

If you need to update any contact information or require the access password please send a note to info at hbraces dot net.

RACES Manual

All HB RACES members should have a copy of the HB RACES Manual. Follow this link HB RACES Manual to download the pdf file. The PDF is password protected as it contains some proprietary RACES information. Use the info at hbraces dot net email address to obtain the password.

Membership Policy

HB RACES members must be active participants in order to insure a highly trained and prepared communications team. An active member in good standing is as follows:

  • Must attend at least 2 HBRACES meetings per year. These can be quarterly general membership meetings or monthly officer management meetings.
  • Must participate in at least 2 official HBRACES events per year. These can be training events, community support, or activations.
  • Must participate as Monday night net control for the weekly HBRACES net. The net control schedule will be posted on the HBRACES website showing assignments for 1 year in advance so you can arrange your schedule and make trades as needed to fulfill your obligation. Individual hardships preventing net control obligation can be presented to the HBRACES officers at any regularly scheduled management meeting.
  • Check-in to the Monday night weekly HBRACES comms net to the best of your ability.