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HBRACES City Hall Antenna Farm Work Detail December 22, 2014 No Comments

Tim (wd6awp) and Roy (n6sld) on the roof of HB City Hall replacing the old triband 2m/220/440 and 2m/440/6m with new units. Hardline checks to the EOC confirmed no issues. Radio tests in the HBEOC RACES radio room confirmed significant improvement. Thanks and great job!

Disaster Expo 2012 at the Huntington Beach Library: Showing off the Comms Trailer September 16, 2012 No Comments

Showing off the Emergency Comms FEMA Trailer

Congratulations to the Huntington Beach Fire Department RACES 2011 Officers and Management Team January 2, 2011 No Comments

Huntington Beach Fire Department Welcomes 2010 RACES Officers December 11, 2009 No Comments

Old site moved February 7, 2009 No Comments

The hbraces.org has been moved to the new provider.

How to Register December 31, 2008 No Comments

Here’s a short quicktime movie that shows how to register for this site and receive emails of new posts.   hbraces-register

Roster December 23, 2008 No Comments

Manny wrote to me asking how the new roster works. He wondered if he should he be making database updates on the new site or the old? That’s a good question and it calls for a post on the subject.  The old site is still the system of record for the user database. Continue to […]

Yahoo! Group December 22, 2008 No Comments

There is a discussion group over on Yahoo! Groups called HBRACES. I’ve been thinking about using that to replace the Mailman List server we have over on hbraces.org. Problem is I don’t know who the owner of that group is. I’ve posted to the group and none of the few members know or respond. I’ve […]

WordPress 2.7 Upgrade December 20, 2008 No Comments

Hopefully nobody will notice that the site has been upgraded to version 2.7 of WordPress. But if you do see something wonkie let me know in the comments.

Sign Up for SMS Alerts December 16, 2008 No Comments

On our prior web site we had a mailing list server called Mailman. Mailman is not available on our new web site. But we do have SMS, Short Message Service. With SMS we can text messages to your cell phone and alert you of important RACES activities.  While the old web site isn’t going away immediately, we need […]