Field Day 2011 June 29, 2011

W6O: Huntington Beach, CA RACES

Operating 6A in ORG this year. Our traditional location over-looking the Pacific Ocean once again provided plenty of public exposure. This year, we deployed the City’s Emergency Management and Homeland Security Volunteer Management Response Unit for the first time.

The air conditioned trailer is equipped with two-way radios for the fire and police department, and includes VHF and UHF Amateur Radio gear and an ATV system as well as generators, battery power and lighting.

A highlight of our operation included a visit from George Barker, NA1F, an ex-ARRL Hq. staffer, and Public Television cameraman. We look forward to seeing our 15 minutes of fame on upcoming video productions in the near future.

73 and see you next year,

Wayne KH6WZ
Huntington Beach RACES PIO

Wanye KH6WZ also posted this to the ARRL web site.

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