Fire Department Open House October 12, 2009

In recognition of national fire prevention week, Huntington Beach’s Class 1 Fire Department hosted an open house at Gothard Station on Saturday, October 11th. Due to the tight city budget, the event was organized at the last minute once the ‘go ahead’ was obtained and limited to a single fire station. Apologies to those that weren’t aware of the event in time to participate.  The community was invited to meet local firefighters, tour the Gothard fire station, learn fire safety tips, see fire engines & trucks and observe fire fighting demonstrations. HB RACES and CERT were available to discuss community programs and showcase the aerial ATV capability we provide to the city. Using the PD Aero unit to transmit live video and the FD Hazmat unit to receive and record the live images HB RACES took visitors on a video ride-a-long as the helicopter took off from the adjacent PD hanger and orbited the Gothard station. Kids had fun making radio calls on our ham radio gear (while supervised) and seeing Sparky the fire safety mascot.

Some of our ham visitors included Seal Beach RACES assistant radio officer Mike Maronta, KC6YNQ as well as Tim & Marilyn Sawyer (KH6FL & WD6AWP) and Steve Albert (KE6OCE). Thanks to Brevyn Mettler (KI6FRG) , Steven Graboff(W6GOS), Manny Vizinho (KG6IQL) and Peter Barbour (N6RAS) who spent the afternoon visiting with the community and our firefighters.

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