Baker to Vegas Radio Support January 7, 2009

The Challenge Cup / Baker to Vegas Relay 25th Anniversary Race will be held March 14 – 15, 2009. The Huntington Beach Police Department Running Team (team #42 this year) will again participate and has asked for HB RACES assistance for logistical communications duringthe race. Communications support for the running team has become an regular event for RACES and renews bothour friendships and our working relationships with the Huntington Beach Police Department. Our communication resources and skills in this remote and extremelychallenging environment both impress the officers and challenge us to learn and do better each year.

Radio Baker Vegas communications coordination is the site to visit to learn more about radio communications duringthe event. We must coordinate our radio support operations with Radio Baker Vegas to minimize interference between the hundreds of radio users that weekend.

We’ll have a Baker to Vegas Workshop (RACES Team only and anyone wanting to learn how we do it) on Monday, March 9th in the EOC at 7pm. We’ll talk about the communication’s drill and get everyone up-to-speed.

The HBPD final briefing (RACES and the PD Team) is on Tuesday, March 10 at 5pm in the PD Training Room A.

Live Tracking of the race will be available via internet at

Contact Margret, KE6OAR if you have any immediate questions.

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